Traditional Rotary Engraving

One Stop Awards offers rotary engraving to add detailed graphic images and clear, concise text onto the surface of a metal or plastic workpieces. Our production facility houses state-of-the-art, computer-controlled rotary engraving systems equipped with high-RPM cutting tools that reproduce text and graphics with superfine detail and leave a smooth, polished appearance. We can engrave artwork and patterns onto any surface geometry, including flat, curved, or cylindrical surfaces.

With our rotary engraving capabilities, we can add information such as type 39 barcodes, serial and model numbers, logos, and other relevant product or company information. Our large capacity rotary engraving tables enable us to handle cyndrilical products measuring as large as 14" in diameter. Along with metals such as aluminum, brass, steel, and steel alloys we have the flexibility to engrave plastics, including ABS and polycarbonate.

Our rotary engraving department is equipped to manage small projects as well as those that involve large-scale production.