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Introducing our Rewards & Referrals program

Our Rewards and Referrals program was designed to reward our customers -- You accumulate points during each purchase, for sharing worthy products through social media channels, and for referring products to friends. Points can be redeemed at checkout. 

How to participate: To get started, you just need to be logged in to your account.

How to accumulate points: There are multiple ways to accumulate points:

  • Purchases - You accumulate points for each purchase that you make. For each $10 spent, you accumulate 1 point.
  • Referrals - See a product that a friend may want or your company might need? Just click on the "refer to friend" button, which will send an email containing a link. You earn 1 point for each referral.
  • Social Media - Click on the Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ Share buttons to share to social media, and accumulate 1 point per share.
  • Referral Purchases - When a referral makes a purchase, you earn 5 points!

How to redeem points: During checkout, you can redeem points worth up to 50% of your purchase. Every point redeemed is worth $1 off your purchase price. For example, if you are purchasing something for $40, and you redeem 20 points, you would pay $20 at checkout.

Tracking your points: In your "My Account" page, you will be able to see a history of your points accumulation and redemption.

Questions or problems: If you have any questions about the Rewards & Referrals program, or are having a problem with your points, give us a call at 703-785-9515 or send us an email at


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